A figure emerges from the tall sunflower stalks. It's a scarecrow, covered in leaves. A crow is perched on their shoulder.


Welcome to my sunflower field! We're at a simple farm off the beaten path of the Internet, filled with all the things I like and hope to grow. It's my love letter to who I've been, who I am, and who I want to be. It's my anthem for self-expression. It's my fervent hope to nurture my existence like this field of sunflowers, tending to each and everything with care and an earnest heart.

Before you start wandering...

Through the sunflower fields you can find me with my crow friends tending to many creative endeavors and hobbies that life has to offer. In the cottage there's a kitchen, library, and studio that you're more than welcome to use during your stay here. I might also be in my room if I'm not outside. If you get lost, use this map.

Once you've found all you want to find, and seen all you want to see, follow the path down the road and you'll see the train station. You're welcome back any time. Take care!

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